Economic Report 5-19

Economic Report 5-19

April 19, 2019

In this Issue:

Hilcorp starts production at its new “Moose Pad” project

State’s economy tips up; let’s not mess it up

IGU cuts out of Siemens deal
Petersburg hydro upgrade
UAF coal power plant
Chugach, ML&P deal proceeds

Economic data from Northrim presentations

Business Intelligence
A growing industry? Farms up 30 percent between 2012 and 2017
Influential anchorage business group focuses on food supply
Bristol bay subsidiary expands in western Alaska fuel supply
Fairbanks will raise taxes due to governor’s cuts
Some anchorage businesses still shuttered due to earthquake
Permanent fund education raffle raises almost $1 million for schools
Major cruise operator carnival in trouble over ship pollution
Anchorage land prices still high for industrial space development
Alaskans carry more debt, but fewer educational loans
PFD pledges to charities reach $2.9 million this year

New oil found near TAPS line
BP income $916 million
Slope production still lower
Bernhardt new DOI Secretary

State to sell two of its ferries

Pebble’s downsized mine


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