Economic Report 8-19

Economic Report 8-19

May 28, 2019

In this Issue:

Alaska’s PFDs almost didn’t happen 
Public was lukewarm on dividends; many legislators were opposed
Where did the idea come from?
Senior citizen bonuses, student loans were early models
Accidents of history played a role
Public was initially skeptical to giving away money
What if there had never been a PFD?

How the Permanent Fund came to be

How the Permanent Fund came to be  Political vision in 1976, but voices of caution, too  Editor’s note: Given the importance of the Permanent Fund in making an annual payment to support the state budget and the Permanent Fund Dividend, we present this historical perspective, part one of a series, on the Permanent Fund and the dividend. We first published this in 2017. Mike Bradner was a participant in the Fund creation as Speaker of the House in 1976.  By […]

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