Ucore plant in Ketchikan is possible

In a new study, Ucore Rare Metals says Ketchikan is the best location for a rare earths processing plant that would use ore extracted from the company’s planned Bokan-Dotson Ridge mine on southeast Prince of Wales Island. There is no estimate of timing as to when the mine and plant would be built. The company has been exploring a large rare earths deposit for several years. The plant would employ 30 at its full build-out and would require a ve-acre site.


Pebble takes EPA action in stride

Pebble Partnership is taking the latest pullback by EPA over its proposed Pebble Mine in stride. The company appears con dent that the engineering and environmental work in its new mine plan will withstand scrutiny by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and that ultimately EPA will agree. EPA reversed course on Pebble recently, saying it would back restrictions on stream miles affected, wetlands acreage and stream ow volumes developed by EPA under the prior Obama administration. Pebble says those were based on hypothetical mine scenarios that did not consider mitigation. Now that the company has an actual mine plan before the federal agencies, Pebble believes it can convince the agencies. ***

Revenues, taxes, jobs from mining

Here are a few points from the annual Alaska Miners Assoc. and Council of Alaska Producers presentation made to state legislators Feb. 13:
• Average annual pay for a mining job is $108,000/year.
$34 million was paid in taxes to local governments by mining companies in 2017; $61 million was paid to the state government in taxes and royalties; $49 million was paid in other state revenues, such as in fees.
• Royalties to NANA Regional Corp. from the Red Dog Mine totalled $1.5 billion from 1982 to 2017. One billion dollars of this was paid out to other Alaska Native corporations under Section 7i of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

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