Recent Economic Report

Recent Economic Report

Economic Report 20-19

In this issue we discuss plans for major new cargo transfer facilities at Anchorage’s airport; we also describe a new joint-venture to develop a geothermal power project near Unalaska

Economic Report 19-19

In this issue we describe how oil companies are cutting the cost of finding developing new oil on the North Slope

Economic Report 18-19

In this issue we describe North Slope oil companies’ plans for $24 billion in projects next 10 years; also, we discuss a solar project in the Matanusuka-Susitna Borough that produces power cheaper than with natural gas.

Economic Report 17-19

In this issue we contemplate the stability that POMV brings to the state budge, as well as employment gains fragile but stable.

Economic Report 16-19

In this issue we talk about permafrost thaw and it’s opportunities, and new worries over the talent drain out of Alaska

Economic Report 15-19

In this issue we discuss how the surge in tourism is sparking new infrastructure, as well as the effects of the organizational turmoil at UAA.

Economic Report 14-19

In this issue we discuss the cost of the summer fires, what happens to Prudhoe Bay while BP sale is unresolved, and the results of a campaign to recall the governor.

Economic Report 13-19

In this issue we will be discussing the HILCORP/BP deal, the release of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement, as well as the cost of delaying building maintenance for the University of Alaska and more.

Economic Report 12-19

In this issue we talk about the Governor’s budget and is it going to keep us in a recession, the new space data center in the Mat-su, and the season that the North Slope had.

Economic Report 11-19

In this issue we contemplate the budget mess in Juneau on our economy, UA’s Board of Regents declaring a financial emergency, delay of port reconstruction in Anchorage and much more

Economic Report 10-19

In this issue we we discuss what the veto would do to the University of Alaska, bids for the reconstruction project, employment rates and more.

Economic Report 9-19

In this issue we will be discussing Donlin Gold is hiring again and First bids on big port reconstruction project in Anchorage. We’ll also be discussing the employment trends in Alaska for the summer, political gridlock over PFD And much more.

Economic Report 8-19

May 28, 2019 In this Issue: Alaska’s PFDs almost didn’t happen Public was lukewarm on dividends; many legislators were opposedWhere did the idea come from?Senior citizen bonuses, student loans were early modelsAccidents of history played a rolePublic was initially skeptical to giving away moneyWhat if there had never been a PFD?

Economic Report 7-19

April 19, 2019 In this Issue: How the Permanent Fund came to be Political vision in 1976, but voices of caution, tooLegislators in 1976 resisted impulse to define Fund in detailIdea of savings fund surfaced first in 1960sPrudhoe Bay changed things – normal fiscal rules would not apply1969 oil lease windfall prompted thinking about futureGov. Keith Miller introduced first proposal, for a “development” fundNew legislators in 1975 willing to tackle new idea –saving oil wealthShould some of the Fund be…

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Economic Report 6-19

March 28, 2019 In this Issue: Employment edges up, led by construction, oilUptick is slow but appears to gather momentum U.S. Navy coming back to Adak? Health careState backs out of Wellpath dealMedicaid changes being planned?Fairbanks gas utility hits bumpsKenai plant to import LNG? The outlook in Juneau: Foggy!Big PFD as a compromise? Business IntelligenceAdak argues it can be freight container hub for Arctic shippingTelecom companies feel the effects of state’s recessionJuneau solicits ideas on using cruise tax revenueNew ferry…

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Economic Report 5-19

April 19, 2019 In this Issue: Hilcorp starts production at its new “Moose Pad” project State’s economy tips up; let’s not mess it up EnergyIGU cuts out of Siemens dealPetersburg hydro upgradeUAF coal power plantChugach, ML&P deal proceeds Economic data from Northrim presentations Business IntelligenceA growing industry? Farms up 30 percent between 2012 and 2017Influential anchorage business group focuses on food supplyBristol bay subsidiary expands in western Alaska fuel supplyFairbanks will raise taxes due to governor’s cutsSome anchorage businesses still…

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Economic Report 4-19

March 28, 2019 In this Issue: Economy perks up; now budget hits raise worryFirst employment increase in three years; may decline againBusinesses fret over Anchorage port modernization InfrastructureMat-Su transportation grant  EnergyRailbelt utilities at odds, againLower water levels in Southeast Health careNew hospital planned for Sitka If governor prevails on budget, huge adverse impacts Petroleum, construction lead rise in statewide employment Health care growth slowed in February; Medicaid cuts will slow it further  Business IntelligenceDespite austere times, state nurtures strategic developments Permanent…

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Economic Report 3-19

March 7, 2019 In this Issue: Governor’s budget shakes business confidence Uncertainties now cause projects to be delayed Legislators are not about to accept Dunleavy’s budget, and will write their own Infrastructure Skagway dock options eyed Transportation Truckers’ big economic clout Plan to delay ferry service cutoff Energy Southeast hydro: Low water GVEA drops Eco-Green deal Rural renewable energy program UA’s new power plant to fire up State gas project “shutdown”: Sending a signal? Talks underway with two of three…

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Economic Report 2-19

Feb. 14, 2019 In this Issue: Native corporations’ new stake in slope oilNew projects will pay $173 million/year in royalties at peak EconomyMat-Su showing job gains Health CareMedicaid covers 210,000 Alaskans Governor’s budget cuts hit across the state Business IntelligenceConstruction spending nudges up this year; oil, militaryCruise tourism will show sharp growthAnchorage looks at tax holiday for new housingBethel’s farm now serves outlying villages in Y-KAIDEA business loans show a dip, likely due to recessionMore small communities out of compliance…

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Economic Report 1-19

Jan. 31, 2019 In this Issue: New progress for big Donlin Gold project Companies commit to new work, $322 million bond Dunleavy dividends: $2.4 billion yearly to economy? Transportation New Arctic port, route study Bypass mail test program is off New ferry in service in May Infrastructure Money to complete Nenana bridge Mat-Su’s rail project still pending Governor wants producers back in Alaska LNG Project Legislature convenes in Juneau, but House still not organized Business Intelligence Anchorage feels sticker shock…

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Economic Report 20-18

Dec. 28, 2018 In this Issue: ANWR: $3 billion a year to state?What if ANWR has no oil? Geologists’ views differPolar bears will be point of contention in ANWR Jobs: Petroleum workforce shows first increase since 2015 InfrastructureCruise tax decision a dilemma TourismPetersburg debates cruise toursFairbanks delays hike in hotel tax TelecomHigh-speed internet in Nome Business IntelligenceGovernor cites lower oil prices in budget planIs governor setting the stage for budget cuts?Earthquake damage in Southcentral more extensive than first thoughtFew Southcentral…

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Economic Report 19-2018

Dec. 10, 2018 In this Issue: NPR-A oil production will hit state budget by $250 million/year Mechanical contractors, others busy in Southcentral:Earthquake refocuses attention on building standards Energy:Juneau’s AEL&P to remain U.S.Delay for Tacoma LNG fueling Health Care:Payment problems for nonprofits Infrastructure:Emmonak dock to be completed Telecom:New satellite contract is signed Politics:New Gov. Dunleavy fills out his leadership teamFeige at Natural Resources; MacKinnon at DOTPF; Tangeman at Revenue Quick at Administration, Crum at H&SS; Brune at Environmental ConservationClarkson is AG; Price…

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Economic Report 18-2018

Nov. 26, 2018 In this Issue: PoliticsWelcome, Governor-elect DunleavyOil prices, production both decline; could PFD plan imperil budget?Dunleavy set to take over; cliffhangers on House, Senate organizationWhat business is telling Gov.-elect Dunleavy Tourism, from Scott Habberstad (Alaska Airlines)Minerals groups, from Karen Matthias (Alaska Producers Council)Timber, from Owen Graham (Alaska Forest Association)Fisheries, from Ricky Gease (Kenai River Sportsfishing Association)Oil and gas, from Karen Moriarty (Alaska Oil and Gas Association) Health Care:80th-percentile rule changeACA enrollment expected upAlaska care is most costly Energy:Low…

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Economic Report 17-2018

Oct. 29, 2018 In this Issue: Governor’s race – stakes are high: Republican Dunleavy said to have edge Broadband consumer costs in rural Alaska could be cut: Plan for new Alaska telecom satellite; contracts near Permanent Fund dividends hit the streets: $940 million roll into bank accounts; cash registers jingle Timber:Mat-Su timber project on hold; China flap is blamed Economy:Here are the numbers for Alaskans’ annual fall rite: Moose hunting Transportation:Maersk finished Arctic test runRavn owners buy PenAirCoal exports from Adak?…

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Economic Report 16-2018

Oct. 19, 2018 In this Special Issue: Riding Higher Oil Prices and POMV; Alaska’s Finances Look Up Caution raised, however, on new use of Permanent Fund earnings With some luck – and higher oil prices – Alaska’s budget deficit may be significantly smaller than forecast this year. The state could even see a balanced budget. 

Economic Report 15-2018

Sept. 24, 2018 In this Issue: Permanent Fund contribution to state budget will increase Health Care:Opposition stirs to proposed state health authority Transportation:Fuel shipments by sea to slopeShort reroute on Dalton Highway Energy:More LNG storage in FairbanksPrivate solar project in Mat-SuGVEA’s Healy 2 coal plant on line Politics: Three-way governor’s race unpredictableIs Walker being squeezed between Begich, Dunleavy?Begich swings left, endorses salmon initiativeWalker runs on record of addressing state’s fiscal challenge Petroleum:Latest Nenana Basin well is dryCaelus tight on Smith…

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Economic Report 14-2018

In this Issue: Efforts stall to reform medical “80th-percentile” rule State regulation blamed for helping drive up health costs Nome health cost sticker shock Providence contract with nurses Economy: Walker proposes Permanent Fund support for economic development Transportation: Maersk plans test Arctic voyage Politics: Dunleavy may have edge in three-way governor’s race Walker picks up endorsements from labor and teachers Petroleum: West Sak costs now cut 45% Higher GMT-2 production estimate Oil Search ups resource estimate New report touts slope…

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Economic Report 13-2018

In this Issue: Petroleum Oil is found all over western North Slope Dry holes for decades; new technology now enables discoveries What can we make of these new oil discoveries? Employment effect more difficult to judge New development is technology-driven Arctic Slope Regional Corp., a big winner Point Thomson technical problems Slope oil production is stable NPR-A coastal areas to open? ANWR EIS draft in 4th quarter? Minerals Bans on mining activities stripped from salmon initiative; still a lot left…

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Economic Report 12-2018

In this Issue: Recession still a drag on Anchorage | Survey shows an uptick in consumer confidence Increased confidence, but there is still caution Anchorage housing starts, building permit values are down Permanent Fund gained 10.74 percent in FY 2018 Business Intelligence Fairbanks gets ready for military population influx Carnival finalizes white pass deal Transfer of Fairbanks’ derelict Polaris building completed Lack of housing crimps seasonal labor supply in Homer Nome to vote on hotel tax increase Ketchikan to Seattle: “Come…

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Economic Report 11-2018

In this Issue: Business Intelligence Report: ANCSA regional corporation revenues dipped in 2016 Alaska inflation trails national average Costco to open new store in Fairbanks in November It’s official: REI to relocate in Anchorage’s midtown State auctions state lands, nets $2.42 million Anchorage may ban plastic bags, joining other Alaska cities Marijuana tax revenue tops $1 million third month in a row Tara Sweeney confirmed as assistant secretary for Indian affairs Petersburg agrees on new contract with employee unit Homer…

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Economic Report 10-2018

In this Issue: Economy Recession lingers, but some industries stabilize State to contract for marketing, sales of state park merchandise FCC  probes Alaska telecom’s charges to rural hospitals Business Intelligence It is near-official: REI to move to Anchorage’s Sears midtown mall Despite recession, 2017 a good year for First National Pentagon backs off on burdensome rule on 8-a contracting Anchorage gets first private mixed-use housing proposal Buyer backs out on Juneau nugget mall deal Niche cruise company marketing early-season tourism…

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Economic Report 9-2018

In this Issue: State government Fiscal plan is signed – now comes the hard part Minerals Pebble changes its mine plan Energy DOE new energy tech grants Deal signed on Fairbanks LNG Transportation Bering Sea traffic rules agreed Health care Health plan consolidation talks Petroleum State gas corporation says it has sufficient funds to get to FID Gas corporation asks AIDEA for financing, and is rebuffed Is this why legislators are wary of AGDC? Doyon now drilling Nenana well BLM…

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Economic Report 8-2018

In this Issue: NGO investor lobbying appears to pay on Pebble ANWR lease sale could come as early as July, 2019 Energy Siemens: LNG to Fairbanks Railbelt utilities, on coordination Minerals Pebble says it will replace First Quantum Minerals for mine Eielson’s Air Force expansion: Fairbanks wants guarantee on housing Business Intelligence New downtown Anchorage residential project underway GCI revenues hit by federal rural hospital cuts ACS revenues also dip, but consumer services income rises UAF selected to participate in…

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Economic Report 7-2018

In this Issue: Still a deficit, and more to be done Legislature takes big step in closing fiscal gap Zinc prices drive up Red Dog Mine profits, and NANA royalties Energy Fairbanks EPA clean energy loans Low water slows Southeast hydro Report out from railbelt consultant Energy projects in state budget Economy Consumer confidence ticks up Infrastructure $87.2 million in IT upgrades Legislature snubs governor’s gas project Alaska LNG soliciting investors, needs lawmakers’ permission Business Intelligence Air carriers lay on…

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Economic Report 6-2018

In this Issue: What has the dithering in Legislature cost us? The cost of fiscal uncertainty: Investment losses State’s recession drags on but job loss eases Transportation Alaska Railroad back in the black Fisheries 2018 will be a low year for salmon Tough year for Southeast charters Petroleum More oil discovered on North Slope DOI begins fast-track ANWR EIS Eni bullish; plans new investment Edison Chouest fleet arriving Steel tariffs won’t hit Ak LNG hard Health care SEARHC, Wrangell Medical…

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Economic Report 5-2018

April 6, 2018 In this Issue: A push for new oil taxes from state House Legislature careens toward end-game; fiscal structure key issue Alaska LNG delayed a year; Chinese pay a visit Energy HEA votes down solar, for now Siemens talks with IGU on gas 50% energy savings on power unit Telecom GCI invests in Kenai upgrades “Scoping” for project’s EIS is underway Army Corps launches Pebble Mine regulatory process Anchorage election results show voters optimistic, upbeat Business Intelligence Anchorage…

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Economic Report 4-2018

March 15, 2018 In this Issue: Alaska fits energy diversification, Arctic strategy China LNG deal for real? Independent expert says yes, maybe Recession lingers, but is flattening; are we near bottom? Energy Healy 2 coal plant to start up State’s largest solar array in Fairbanks Kenai to get gas from its land fill 30 million gallons fuel savings Residential kilowatt (kWh) rate comparison Environmental groups ready to do battle Interior plans accelerated reviews for ANWR leasing Business Intelligence Farmers do…

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Economic Report 3-2018

February 28, 2018 In this Issue: $1 billion local payroll appears set to grow Business booms at Anchorage’s airport, driven by cargo Special report: Salmon initiative; HB 199; new habitat permits Transportation Mat-Su has new hopes for federal grant to complete rail extension to port Minerals Trilogy Metals completes Preliminary Feasibility Study for Arctic deposit Pebble Partnership back in the eld this summer Economy Alaska wages dropped in third quarter

Economic Report 2-2018

February 14, 2018 In this Issue: Oil, mining and defense increases offset other decline Construction spending to rise 4 percent in 2018 Production from Alpine, Kuparuk oil fields increased in 2017 Energy Goldman Sachs values ML&P Infrastructure: Inventory underway on Inlet pipelines A new look at Nome for Arctic port Climate change: New report on health effects Municipal: Juneau wants to expand to Admiralty Backlog of work is rising again State deferred maintenance now totals $1.87 billion State gas corporation…

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Economic Report 1-2018

Januray 14, 2018 In this Issue: Governor button-holes producer on natural gas BP holds Prudhoe production level; overall slope is up 1.4 percent Energy Chugach/ML&P utility deal CIRI, Chugach in a tiff over wind Health care Ketchikan looks at cost transparency Alaska health plan signups rise Bonds to fund program; companies asked for discount State to accelerate oil tax credit obligation payoff Credits to be eventually paid anyway, but state could pay faster Incentives were aimed at attracting new explorers…

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