Interior utility; still hard feelings

There are still some hard feelings in Fairbanks about the Interior Gas Utility, a public utility organized to provide natural gas in the region, over the purchase of Fairbanks Natural Gas, or FNG, a small utility serving the core Fairbanks area. It was bought by the IGU from the Alaska Industrial Development Authority, the state’s development finance entity.

Frank Abegg, an IGU board member, has resigned, in protest over what he feels is too high a price ($54 million) paid to AIDEA for FNG as well as some of AIDEA’s terms in the sale and its own earlier purchase of FNG from private owners. Abegg is particularly concerned that financial due diligence documents on the sale are being held confidential. Abegg has a technical background and was previously Golden Valley Electric Assoc.’s vice president for power production.

AIR CARGO TRAFFIC ROSE IN FIRST HALF OF YEAR: Air cargo traffic through Anchorage’s airport was up in the first half of 2018. Tonnage grew 5.2 percent, according to airport officials. Tonnage was up to 1.34 million tons from January through June. The increase reflects the strength of the U.S. economy, since most of the freight is Asia-U.S. Cargo aircraft refuel and switch crews in Anchorage with some freight-shifting. The business adds to airport revenues and jobs and is also important to Anchorage hotels and restaurants who serve flight crews.

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